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Original 3-Panel Tank

SKU# original-tank

48 $48.00
Whittle your middle in this patented 3-panel tank that slims 5 pounds off your appearance comfortably. The cotton tank top won’t compress your chest, and the bottom section won’t roll or ride up. No wonder it was one of Oprah’s favorite things!
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48 $48.00
How to Wear
  • Perfect for everyday slimming
  • Layer under any top, sweater or blazer
  • Don’t be afraid to let it peek out or tuck in
  • Wear with your own bra
Fit & Fabric
  • Center panel tricot= 86% Nylon 16% Spandex
  • Cotton= 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
  • Length from strap joint: 22 1/4"
  • Machine wash cold gentle cycle with like colors. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry, line dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean
Love by Gina Posted on 7/5/2017

Love, Love these tanks.

not for busty or women under 5'5 by Mad Posted on 11/14/2014

I am 5'5, bust 38DD and weigh 130 lbs. This tank was so long
(I did indeed order the original) The only way to wear this tank is out. No tucking into trousers. I returned it

cheap product by CInRuss Posted on 11/10/2014

bottom is thin and cheap. Even if you pull from the middle, it will come apart from the seams. Don't waste your money

Tight by Abigail Posted on 9/19/2014

I found it uncomfortably tight to wear

Luvmyyummy by Beachbbygrl Posted on 8/26/2014

I had lost some weight had had not bought a smaller yummy in a while and still wanted that smooth look that I got and confidence while wearing my yummy. So I finally ordered a new original in small white and now know I need it in black!! Luv it

Original is still my favorite by KP Posted on 8/18/2014

I've worn Yummy Tummy tanks for YEARS and ordered various styles, but the Original is still my favorite. I recently ordered a new black one because I'd been wearing the other original black one for like 2 or 3 years. I've lost some weight so I ordered a smaller size and it fits perfectly! Love it!

pay attention!! by danusha3 Posted on 7/30/2014

yummie tummy is so wonderful for doing what it is supposed to do.. suck in your tummy/back flab. i am so tired of these reviews that complain about them rolling up... get this they only roll up when you order too small of size!!!
yes it s easy to order a size down but then they will not fit right!! do yourself a favor and order the right size like they suggest on the website!!
i love the natural feel of the much better than the sweat provoking spanx!

Love Yummie Tummies! by Meg Posted on 7/23/2014

I just order some of the original cotton my others were old an stretched out after 3 years. I love the fit...they don't roll up and are smooth....perfect!!

Disappointing by Mercy Posted on 7/4/2014

I really wanted to like this tank, but it rolls up more than any other tank I have ever owned. Very unflattering and forms rolls under clothing from the bunched rolled up fabric. It is very expensive for a dysfunctional tank.

Best after baby shape wear! by Tara Posted on 6/9/2014

I love this tank, I wear it almost everyday.'love the normal top material.

Best tank ever!!! by Courtney Posted on 6/4/2014

This is seriously the best tank I've ever owned! It so comfy and doesn't ride up! I want one in all colors! Yummiest is a great company with awsome customer service!!!

Don't want to dress without this! by icewink Posted on 6/3/2014

This does not squish you like Spanx..It is much more comfortable and tones and firms your middle for a nicer, slimmer look in your clothes, Love It!

Truly does what is says by koala76 Posted on 5/30/2014

This tank truly does take 5 lbs off appearance. I've tried other Yummie tanks but this is the winner hands down!

Love this tank! by Beth Posted on 5/22/2014

I love this tank! going to order in black.

Very Comfy by Robin Posted on 5/21/2014

Love these tanks. Really smooths in comfort :)

I love this tank! by Gigi Posted on 5/10/2014

I am a Rubenesque woman, and this tank smoothed an contoured my mid section perfectly. I love the fabric, it is comfortable and moves with you. I have always had issues with shaping tanks rolling up whenever I sat down. i did not have that problem with this tank. I will be purchasing many more of these tanks! they are well worth the money and a wardrobe necessity!

Yep - I LOVE it! by Tamara K. Posted on 4/29/2014

Wonderfully supportive, comfortable and slimming. I am so buying more of these. Doesn't roll up and I don't even have to wear a bra with this tank. (And I need a bra.) Was thrilled with this product.

Love the original tanks by Susan Posted on 4/22/2014

The original tanks are so comfortable and easy to wear with anything.....I love my yummie tanks so much I can't go with out them.

love this!! by Laur Posted on 4/20/2014

Best slimming tank on the market! True to size and comfortable!

Comfortable by Dayl Posted on 2/18/2014

Love the tank a little tight around the arms but hoping with getting back to the gym they will loosen up. (36C, with a 29 waist) but it fits every where else just fine. Would get another one in deferent color!!

Love the Original Tank by Hammar1 Posted on 2/16/2014

Very happy with the Original Tank. Feels great, fit great, sized as described. Very Comfy.

Great quality by Julie Posted on 2/14/2014

This is a fantastic tank! I should have read the reviews first though as I ordered a medium but could use a small. (34DD 27 waist) But im loving it anyway! Only complaint was the ordering process, it took 3 tries to get it right and still ended up returning an extra tank that was shipped and charged to my account. The staff was extremely nice about it though. I'll be ordering another soon

Great Top by Ashley Posted on 2/1/2014

Bought a S (I'm a size 34DD, 28'' waist) and it fits like a dream. The upper part of the shirt gives lots of room for the girls while the middle section makes it tight and right. Super smooth so can be worn under anything.

Amazing! by Ashley Posted on 1/7/2014

Love, love, LOVE this tank! I can wear it under any shirt and you cannot bunching or riding up. I ordered a M and have since ordered a S as I think it will hold me in a little more. I'm a 28-29'' waist.

Really is a great tank and I have tried MANY by Jessica Posted on 12/12/2013

This truly is a great product. I wear some sort of tank top every single day. I have had the issues of every other tank top rolling up on me. I would even tuck them into my thong!!! I am going to be throwing all of those other tank tops out after getting this. I have been testing the tank out by sitting around on the couch here on my laptop, doing chores around the house, taking the dog for a walk. This does not roll up at all. If it is rolling up on you - you may not be wearing the correct size. I am 5'3", 132 lbs. I am a healthy weight and have a very proportionate body. I do not have a big stomach, my issue is more my love handles. This does a good job of smoothing. Is it a miracle product? NO. This would be good for anyone but if you are looking to wear this tank top and have your stomach and love handles magically disappear of course that is not going to happen. I bought the black size medium. I think I am going to keep it and also buy a size small. The tank top fits but I think it could be tighter. Definitely worth the money. This will not synch you in like SPANX at all. This looks like a normal tank top and just gives you more support around the middle than a regular tight tank top would. Not as much as SPANX. If someone were to touch you around the waist they would not notice you were wearing shapewear. I really like it. When I look in the mirror with the tank top over my skinny jeans it looks like I have small love handles. Nothing terrible or completely embarrassing. When I pull the tank top up to reveal my body in these particular jeans that cut into me.... it aint pretty. So it does a lot but can't do magic. I also like how the top and bottom areas are cotton. I like that it has spaghetti straps so it really does not look like shapewear. Something else that is important is that bc it is not tight at the top it does not cut into your bra line area. You know that area in bw your armpit and bra? You get the wrong tank top and it can really make you look fat in the back area even if you are not. This is great. Pair this tank top with a good bra that fits correctly and you'll look like a million bucks. I hope this review is helpful! Buying my size small right now :)

If I could marry this tank ... by denise Posted on 12/1/2013

I mentioned before...I am OBsessed w/your tanks! This original version I am crazy about..I wear it , wash it, wear it almost everyday..its like wearing nothing YET HOLDS all the bumps and STAYS PUT! I cannot believeit! How do you do it? I need to get more!

Great Tank by Beth Posted on 11/29/2013

I love this tank. Just the right length and not too tight. Very smooth fit.

Tanks by Judi Posted on 11/28/2013

I was pleasantly surprised that this product did slim med and looked like I had lost 5 pounds. The material seems to "breathe" so a person does not feel like they are stuffed into a sausage.

Original Tank by Susan Posted on 11/13/2013

This wasn't the tank for me. I have small shoulders and I need a tank with adjustable straps so I'll go back to wearing those. I returned this one. It also doesn't have the "hold" and shaping power that the adjustable strap tanks have.

WONDERFUL by Jan Posted on 10/22/2013

I love this tank. I have tried others and they all flatten my bustline. Not this- you can wear your own bra and there is no lumps- really!!

Great product by Kristen Posted on 10/2/2013

Love the product. Feels great and helps clothes fit better.

I Love my Original Tank by Tucker59 Posted on 9/21/2013

I loved this tank so much I have it in multiple colors. Makes my clothes fit just that much better.

Love it! by Michele Posted on 9/18/2013

Stays in place and gets rid of love handles

GREAT TANK! by gloomgirl Posted on 9/14/2013

I love this tank, it gives you confidence and you can wear it under anything! I'm petite, 5'1 around 100 lbs and I wear an xs with my own bra and i love it! It just helps you to feel "held in" and its comfy! (I don't like being without it!) I own 3!!! highly recommend!! LOVE IT!

Disappointed by MB Posted on 9/12/2013

I ordered this product because it was stressed that the garment would not roll and stay in place. I ordered according to measurements and I have only worn it once and I spent the entire day unrolling the product down from my waist. I am short waisted and I wonder if that is the issue.

I LOVE MY YUMMIE!!!! by Myra Posted on 9/10/2013

This is my very first Yummie and I absolutely love it and the way it makes my upper body looks! It arrived today and I immediately put it on (tags and all) just to see if all the reviews that I've read were in fact true. For me, they were!!! I ordered the original Yummie Tummie since this was my first time ordering and I'm a newbie to Yummie Tummie's, but I will be ordering more in the very near future! I love the look and feel and that it smooths out my front and sides! I love how the shirt looks with my Yummie on verses before it arrived and I tried it on! If your wondering if you should order one, I would recommend that you order one for yourself to see what I and others already know! That Yummie is the way to go!!!!!!

llllll by Joan S Posted on 9/9/2013

Love it and going to order another one!

Love It!! by Debbie Posted on 9/3/2013

Not only does it smooth put bumps, it gives my back some extra support!

Amazing! by ogoNYC Posted on 6/28/2013

This is my first experience using any shaping product. I was reluctant to try any other brand due to poor user reviews & high cost, plus the fabrics I touched seemed very itense & potentially hot/sweaty. Having read great reviews about Yummie Tummie I tried the Original Tank & love it! Picked the size appropriate for me based on the recommended sizing chart & it seems to be great - my stomach's not flattened but I love the way my entire waist/trunk area is supported & hugged into an incredibly comfortable, smooth silhouette. My midriff surprisingly stays cool & I feel unconstricted like I'm not wearing a shaping garment. Will definitely try the other styles & buy more! Highly recommend.

Tank Tops by Joyce T. in Boca Raton , Florida, USA Posted on 6/6/2013


Nice Tank Top for Anything by Melissa L. in San Antonio, Texas, US Posted on 6/2/2013

I have been looking for a tank that was long enough and didn't ride up. This is great! The only thing I don't like is, to me, it seems to fit a little too big. I would have like it to hug more. I love the 2X I bought, but would go a size smaller next time so that it hugs me in a little more. It seems that everything from Yummie Tummie runs a little big, which is not good if you want it to suck you in a bit. OVerall, really nice.

FABULOUS TANK by Margy in Seattle, WA, USA Posted on 6/1/2013

This is a fabulous tank. I'm 63 years old, and am carrying around an extra 10 pounds - I swear my Yummie Tummie tank slims those pounds away. But even more important, I get so much relief from my chronic back pain (left over from a herniated disc). The YT really does make my back feel better - it's wonderful! I'm totally into comfort, so me wearing a tank at home is pretty unreal - but that shows you just how comfortable this wonderful tank is!!

I love my Original Tank! by SUE in PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA Posted on 6/1/2013

I read about Yummie Tummie from Oprah’s favorite things. I was leery about shapewear due to constant pinching or rolling up. I fell in love with the material, shape ability and best of all no pinching at all. I ended up buying a tank for every day of the week. I LOVE IT!

WOW! by anonymous in usa Posted on 5/30/2013

I have had chronic back pain for many years along with a DDD cup. I find bras very uncomfortable, along with most shapeware. This tank is absolutely incredible, way beyond my expectations. Not only are my breasts supported without a bra, but the decrease in back pain was immediate and it really sucks in your tummy! It is very flattering and comfortable, unlike spanx (from my experience). I ordered several more Yummie Tummie products right away and I was able to use the 20% off coupon that I found on google. Highly recommended!

Awesome and comfy! by Sally in Usa Posted on 5/26/2013

As a new mom, these tanks have made me feel so much better about how I look in clothes. My baby is 2 months old and while I am almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight, my belly isn't so hot looking. I love that the bust part is cotton. It is so comfy and doesn't smash your chest. I wear a 30G bra and it fits me great...I truly believe it fits up to an H cup like it says!

Love It by Jessica H. in , CA, United States Posted on 5/22/2013

I've been wearing my tank all the time, except for when I put it in the wash of course! It really has helped keep things smooth, although be warned it will ride up if you wear something high waisted and it will loosen up a teeny bit. I recommend going a size smaller than what the sizing recommends if you have a small enough waist and are using it to keep things firmer and tighter. Really awesome though and I'm definitely buying more of them in different colors!

My Favorite by Amy in Shrewsbury, MA, USA Posted on 5/21/2013

I love my "shaping tank"! The best tank top on the market. Please keep making such a great products. Thanks.

LOVE IT by STACY in MOUNT VERNON, NY, USA Posted on 5/15/2013


Great Cami by Candace in Cordova, TN, USA Posted on 5/5/2013

I have three different shaping camisoles and I love them. The fabric is soft and smooth. I love the fact that I can wear Yummie Tummie everyday. They are definitely better than the old girdles and briefs from back years back. Thanks Yummie Tummie!

Love Them by Cindy in Houston, TX, USA Posted on 4/21/2013

I can not believe how comfortable these tanks are for my body! I'm rather endowed in the bust area and my yummie tummie slimmed me down and covered my pretty bras. I would definitely recommend them! And just a side note, hand washed and dried naturally, they keep their shape really well.

GOOD TANK by Jay in USA Posted on 4/12/2013

This is a quality tank top. It helped hold in my stomach that I have after having a baby. I wore it underneath a fitted white t-shirt and I looked great in it. I was a little shaky at first about it, but not only do I have one, but I bought another one in a different color at my local Nordstrom store since they carry Yummie Tummie now. I think the regular length was great ; I was able to tuck it in my jeans just fine. Unlike some tanks Ive gotten, this one does NOT roll up. Yoo-hoo! Thanks again!

customer by Robbie in San Diego, CA, USA Posted on 4/12/2013

I started with the original tank that is all cotton on the outside and wear it everyday even to the gym. I was introduced to Yummie at Intimacy store. Then I saw Heather on HSN and bought more original tanks and have added the strappy tank to my collection. As A nurse I even wear one under my hospital scrubs because the are so comfortable! I feel naked without one. I recently added seamless panties and one of the slips and love them too!! Thank you Heather!!!

Wonderful! by Kristi S. in USA Posted on 4/11/2013

I absolutely LOVE the Yummie Tummie! I bought the original and a different tank, and a bottom. They go long enough to cover the muffin top but not too long so that its a problem. Other brands to not work and too short and roll when you sit.The shipping and returns are wonderful, I bought one too big at first. The only thing bad I can say, and it's strictly personal, I feel bulky, I'm not used to layers. I will get used to it. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! Keep it up Heather! Dont change the length!

Comfy! by Dawn in NJ, USA Posted on 3/29/2013

I love this tank but seems to be a little big. I ordered my normal size for all the tanks I have ordered but each seem to be slightly large around the tummy area (and believe me ... my tummy is not small). I am reordering in a smaller size and hope it pulls me in more because I LOVE these! It is especially nice that the bra area is not tight for us larger breasted women. Please consider making a cut-out, lifting type in a tank.

2nd one purchased by Cathy in USA Posted on 3/24/2013

This is the 2nd tank I ordered because I needed another one when 1st one is in the wash. My problem area is muffin top and this tank takes card of this nicely. Only issue I have is that it is a little too long and I have to be careful to make sure the bottom edge lies flat and doesn't get bunched up. Otherwise it is very comfortable to wear under anything.

IT IS FANTASTIC by Debbie G. in Bayside, New York, USA Posted on 3/12/2013

I received my yummy tummy tanks in the mail and immediately tried them on with several different shirts. I was AMAZED that everything they promised is true! They truly eliminate any "muffin top" on the most clingy of shirts! Most people think I have lost at least 10 pounds! I will definitely buy some more! Well worth the price and very very comfortable as well!

BEST SLIMMER I HAVE EVER USED by Ahney in Washington, USA Posted on 2/26/2013

The Yummie Tummie is the best slimmer I have ever used! (Trust me I have used a lot of them!) It slims, it does not cling, and plus it gave me some lift in my breast. I assume because of the slimmer in the middle my breast cannot sink below. And on top of all that, they are extremely comfortable! I love my Yummie Tummie and plan on buying more! The only thing I would ask for is a bright red one in plus size!

great shirt by Susan R. in el monte, CA, USA Posted on 2/8/2013

I LOVE, LOVE this top, it is so comfortable I even wear it to the gym, it has control on your waist and I love that the top is cotton, so even if you can see it, it looks just like a regular top. I LOVE IT!! I already ordered 4 more :0)

great shape by Gitta B. in USA Posted on 1/6/2013

Love the Yummie Tummies. It holds its shape every time, even after many washes...

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